How to have a Festive Christmas in 2020

Lights galore!

Evergreen and cinnamon scents…

Christmas carols and jingle bells wafting through the house…

This, my friends, is how to have a festive Christmas–yes, even in 2020!

Christmas tree with candles

I say, take out all the stops. Throw strands of lights over every twig and entryway. We are going to celebrate!

And why not? It is the season to celebrate the precious baby (Luke 2) Who was born in a feeding trough around 2000 years ago!

Because of Jesus, we can celebrate the love, hope, and joy of Christmas. We celebrate the Light of the World with a well-lit home, scented candles, and smiling snowmen figurines.

Truly, I’m not the only one who wants to do it up big.  Real Simple Magazinequeried professionals at Etsy, Pinterest, and others for Christmas Trends 2020.

Take a look at what they said:
-Vibrant colors
-Lots of decorations, especially at the front of your home
-Bold blues
-Natural decor
-Lots of snowy white
-Farmhouse style (I hope this one never goes out of date!)

Kirkland’s is selling Christmassy signage, faux fur (I’m seeing this everywhere, too!), and jingling bells.

Christmas balls and ornamentsWhat about you?

How are you making Christmas 2020 festive?  

We may not be able to worship in person at Central Valley, but you can be sure to stream us online!

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