Connect Groups

Connect Groups

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are Bible studies with a smaller group of people. This provides time to build close, loving, and lasting relationships.


Due to COVID-19, we are facilitating ALL Connect Groups via Zoom.  We’ll send out links to join the Bible studies each Wednesday before we start the Connect Groups.  


Ladies meet on Wednesday nights at 6pm.  Men meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. 

Current Topics

Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

The process by which we do our bible study during Connect Groups, is called the Discovery Bible Study.  The Discovery Bible Study was developed by Final Command Ministries.  This bible study format is an easy way to study scripture in small groups, amongst couples, and even in one’s personal study.

DBS Guide

1.  Gratitude:  What happened last week for which you are thankful?
2.  Intercession:  What challenges did you face last week? your family? the world
3.  Accountability:  Did you put last week’s lesson into practice?
4. Read:  Read scripture in a couple of formats.  Have someone re-tell the scripture in his/her own words.
5.  He is…In one or two words, describe what this scripture says about God?
6.  We are…In one or two words, describe what this scripture says about people?
7.  I will…How will you apply this scripture this week?
8.  You can…Who do you know that needs to hear this?
9.  Service…What challenges do you have that you need help facing?