CV Kids


The children’s ministry at Central Valley is committed to helping parents bring up their children in the Lord. There are four ways in which the ministry attempts to accomplish this goal. They are as follows: 

  1. Help TEACH the children in a way that allows them to learn about God and His Bible through the Bible class curriculum.
  2. SHOW and help children experience the workings of the church and the Christian life (as God intended them to be).
  3. ENCOURAGE children in a way that helps them fall in love with God and His plan.
  4. SUPPORT children as they live for God and become a part of His community


We know that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are wiggly. We welcome them during worship, and even love to hear the sounds of their little voices and the clatter of sippy cups crashing to the floor and rolling under the chairs! #beenthere #welovelittles

Or if you prefer, we have a nursery equipped with a changing table and rocking chair.

Whichever works best is up to you and your family!


The mother’s/quite area is located in the nursery. Please feel free to use this room if you need a quiet place for your baby or toddler to feed or nap during worship or class. A changing table is available in this room.


Your children will play and learn as they are taught about God, Jesus, and the Gospel story. We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum and include lots of hands-on activities to keep children engaged as they learn. We offer classes for all ages.