Central Valley Kids

Central Valley Kids


On top of normal health and safety measures, additional items have been added to promote child safety from COVID-19. All teachers and childrens ages 3 and up wear a mask or other face covering. Classrooms are wiped down after class with disinfectant. All children have their own toys and supplies. Children have assigned seating and are encouraged to remain seated until a parent picks them up. Exceptions are made if babies/toddlers need diaper changes or consoling if upset, and if older children need to go to the restroom. An adult, teacher or parent, must accompany children who go to the restroom. Plexiglass is used in the preschool room for additional protection in the case a child removes his/her mask and top help with social distancing. Older kids are placed six feet apart in the classroom. *All teachers and helpers who take part in activities with children must undergo and pass a background check.


We know babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are wiggly and welcome them during worship! Kids worship packs are available for use if your child enjoys activities. Please be encouraged to worship with your little ones!


The mother’s/quite area is located in the nursery. Please feel free to use this room if you need a quiet place for your baby or toddler to feed or nap during worship or class. A changing table is available in this room. Due to COVID-19, we currently do not have an attended nursery, but we encourage parents to accompany your children in the nursery if needed.


Your children will play and learn as they are taught about God, Jesus, and the Gospel story. We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum and include lots of hands-on activities to keep children engaged as they learn. We offer classes for all ages.