We hope that you will join us at our VBS this summer, as we learn that "following Jesus changes the game!"

Welcome to the CV Kids Page!

Our Vision

We want CV Kids to be kingdom builders.

We want our CV Kids to be mission-minded individuals, to meet others, and grow relationships. We want them to teach others about Jesus through what they say and do.

We want CV Kids to have a positive impact on others.

We want CV Kids to be service-minded individuals by having a generous heart, giving their time and, using their talents while seeking opportunities to help others.

We want CV Kids to form deeper relationships with God and other people.

We want CV Kids to be relationship-minded individuals who seek to know more about God through worship and know others through fellowship.

We want CV Kids to grow spiritually.

We want CV Kids to be open-minded individuals ready to learn how to be disciples of Jesus.

Our Plan


Your children will play and learn as they are taught about God, Jesus, and the Gospel story.

Babies & Toddlers

Our Babies & Toddlers spend time singing, reading Bible stories, and doing activities. They also enjoy free play as they begin forming relationships with their friends.

We use the Wonder Ink curriculum for ages 3 years to 5th grade.


Each lesson supports various learning styles and offers activity options. Our pre-k class will learn through play with the use of learning centers. These learning centers will allow kids to develop and grow in many areas while they learn about Jesus. We want our kids to have FUN while LEARNING!


Our elementary-aged kids will dive into scripture, do hands-on activities, worship and pray together, and focus on building relationships with each other.

All lessons are available online. This allows parents and teachers to have access to Bible lessons at home. Families can access Wonder@Home lessons with suggestions for activities including games, table discussion topics, worship songs, and more. We are excited to equip and empower our parents so that they can help their children grow spiritually while growing spiritually themselves!

Click here to learn more about Wonder Ink.


We know that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are wiggly. We welcome them during worship, and even love to hear the sounds of their little voices and the clatter of sippy cups crashing to the floor and rolling under the chairs! #beenthere #welovelittles

Or if you prefer, we have a nursery equipped with a changing table and rocking chair.

Whichever works best is up to you and your family!


The mother’s/quiet area is located in the nursery. Please feel free to use this room if you need a quiet place for your baby or toddler to feed or nap during worship or class. A changing table is available in this room.