"Changing Lives by the Power of Christ"

Your Gifts have Value!

floral sprayI’m not sure that you know this, but Central Valley hosts a Ladies’ Connect Group via Zoom on Wednesday nights at 6:00.

Last night, when we were discussing Romans 12, one of our ladies brought up an interesting story she’d heard about a florist.

The florist said that she felt so unimportant at times. She wasn’t a doctor, who cured diseases. She wasn’t a lawyer, who helped others receive justice. She was a florist. How could a florist be someone important?

But because of her work, a grieving family received some comfort seeing an array of flowers at their loved one’s grave.

A man offered up roses to his intended when he proposed.

One friend may have sent flowers to another friend, to apologize for a wrong.

Flowers cheer up a gloomy hospital room.

What about you?

Do you ever feel unimportant in serving God?

Maybe you’re changing diapers, doing laundry, being a caregiver, preparing meals. Maybe you’re cleaning the same floors in your home week by week. Or unloading the dishwasher–again.

God tells us in Romans 12:4-8 that all our gifts have value. They, in fact, glorify God! (I Peter 4:10-11)

So whatever your hands find to do, the Bible tells us to “work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” (Colossians 3:23-24)

Even if you’re a florist.

flowers and Romans 12:6