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CV Rides

Please join us for a motorcycle ride to Walls of Jericho. Kickstands up at 9:15 at Central Valley.

From CVCOC to R & J Kuntry Kitchen (Skyline, AL), 15 min stop for coffee & potty break; 59.3 miles, 1 hr – 43 min

From R & J Kuntry Kitchen to “The Cross” (Sewanee, TN), 15 min stop & view overlook; 45.5 miles, 55 min

From “The Cross” to Shenanigans restaurant (Sewanee, TN), 45 min. lunch; 1.5 miles, 5 min

From “Shenanigans” (Sewanee, TN) to CVCOC. 69.9 miles, 1 hr – 41 min

Going Route

Download (PDF, 201KB)

Return Route

Download (PDF, 173KB)