"Changing Lives by the Power of Christ"

Matt Parker

Matt is from Decatur where he is married to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth. Matt and Elizabeth have four children, Hope, Xander, Wyatt, and Lincoln. Matt has lived in Decatur all of his life and has been very active in the music community. He has performed in orchestras for numerous plays and other events, and has worked as a music arranger and teacher for several local high schools. He also developed the Song Leader Intensive training course as a method of using his gifts for the glory of God. Through his training course, Matt teaches others how to become more competent in worship leading and in their singing abilities.

As our Worship Minister, Matt has a vision of making our worship a 24/7/365 kind of worship. “Worship is more than just singing, or praying, or teaching. Worship is a lifestyle.” Matt also has a passion to teach young men the role of a song leader within a congregation so that one day they can be great leaders in their church.