"Changing Lives by the Power of Christ"

Message from the Elders as of March 31, 2020

Hello Church Family!

We hope this letter is finding you well.  As the current situation continues with the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to postpone church services of physical attendance indefinitely.  The elders will continue to have ongoing discussions regarding when we will be able to safely return.

In the interim, we are working to continue to provide alternate online worship services through our Central Valley website.  At a minimum, our plan is to have a message brought to you each Sunday morning, with the hope that singing can be provided.

Your prayer requests are of extreme importance to us.  We encourage you to communicate these to us in whatever way you feel the need.  You may utilize Breeze for your requests or contact the elders directly.  On a similar note, calls to us are not limited to prayer requests!  Whether you need encouragement during this time, have a matter to discuss, or just wish to chat for a bit, please do not hesitate to call!

If you have the desire to share communion in your home, we currently have communion supplies to assist with this.  These will be available this Saturday, April 4th from 12:00 until 2:00 at the Central Valley building.  It is requested that you pull up to the front door and these will be brought outside to you.  If these hours do not work for your schedule, please contact us so that other arrangements can be made.

We also wish to encourage everyone to continue giving during this time.  There are many ways to do this, such as online, through the mail, the tithe.ly app, even by drop off when you pick up communion supplies on Saturday.  All of these methods are acceptable, however online through the website or the tithe.ly app is preferred.

Please continue prayer for the world, country, community, churches, and each other!  Keep strong faith in our Father’s love and remain confident in His power over all things!  We look forward to the time soon when we can share hugs and handshakes with you again!

With love in Christ,

Garner, Mike, and Darian